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Construction Updates


Munday High School  Courier

May 1, 2018

(Justin T.)

Munday CISD gets new dome buildings.

A way to learn and be safe!

The new domes are made using concrete wall and base with rebar used as a support. The domes can be used as a storm shelter because of the half sphere shape on top of the curved walls. Supposedly the domes can withstand an F1 to F5 tornado.

There are three different domes; a junior high, gym, and elementary. The gym will serve as a community storm shelter and game court. The new gym consists of one basketball court, two volleyball courts, four locker rooms, storage, training facility, weight room, and bathrooms. The gym will be able to seat around 1,000 people. The old gym will  still be used for practices.

The elementary dome will serve as a school for lower level elementary, and a storm shelter for the entire elementary campus. The elementary will consist of three classrooms, a daycare, and storage ,and rest rooms.

The junior high will be 7-8th grade, it is equipped with an office, lab, four classrooms, and bathrooms. The dome project was started around the end of the school year in 2017. The buildings are planned to be finished in July of this year, 2018.