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2021_2022 EDGAR manual

2021-2022 Approved Budget

2020-2021 Approved Budget

2020-2021 Proprosed Budget

2019-2020 Approved Budget

2019-20 Proposed Budget Summary Report

2018-19 Approved Budget

2018-19 Proposed Budget

July 2018 Debt Schedule


September 01, 2016

The Board of Trustees adopts the budget for 199, 240, 599, expenditures. General operations - 199; Cafeteria - 240; Bond payments -- 599. This budget shows all expenditures and revenues from State, Federal, and Local sources. The $102,530 is a shortfall in the taxes that will be collected to pay the bond, that will be paid from existing money in fund balance. The wind farm is not on the tax role for this year and therefore created a projected shortfall on the bond payment. 

If you have questions please contact Mr. Parton.

2016-17 Budget


Proposed Budget

August 17, 2016

2017-18 Budget


Previous Year Budgets

Proposed Budget Summary 2010-2011

Adopted Budget Summary 2010-2011

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Adopted Budget Summary 2011-2012

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Adopted Budget Summary 2012-2013

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Adopted Budget Summary 2013-2014

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Adopted Budget Summary 2014-2015

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Adopted budget Summary 2015-2016

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