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Appendix B - Technology Needs Assessment Survey



Technology Needs Assessment Survey- October 2015


  1. Approximately how long have you been teaching?

1-3 years:                                                             9%

4-5 years:                                                             9%

6-10 years:                                                           27%

10-20 years:                                                         18%

More than 20 years:                                          37%


  1. How would you rate your overall skill in using educational technology?

Below basic:                                                        0%

Basic:                                                                   23%

Proficient:                                                           64%

Advanced:                                                          13%


  1. Please identify which of the following educational technologies (software) you CURRENTLY USE in teaching. Mark all that apply.

Email:                                                                    86%

Flipcharts/ActivInspire:                                    59%

Social Networks:                                                27%

Google Docs                                                     36%

Google Sheets                                                 18%

Google Forms                                                  23%

Google Slides                                                    4%

Instant Messaging:                                          27%

Google Earth/Maps:                                          23%

Youtube                                                 82%

Educational Websites                            91%



  1. Please identify any educational technologies (software) you WOULD LIKE TO USE in teaching.

Google Classrooms

Educreations for recording class videos/notes to upload for students that miss class or teacher absence

Google Docs instruction

Math, science, and social studies apps for iPads


5. Do you feel your class webpage is useful to students/parents?  42% - Yes, 57% - No, 1%- not sure



  1. Please identify any educational technologies you do not have access to, but would like to use in teaching?

Better computers

Apple TV

All teachers and students have a school laptop, or at least a class set of laptops

Educational apps