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FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The following videos, images, and links will help you apply for and learn more about FAFSA.

STEP 1 - Create an FSA ID (Both the student AND parent MUST have this to fill out and submit a FAFSA. If the parent already has one, he/she does not need to apply for another one.) -

  • FSA ID Worksheet (This is a great form to keep up with student and/or parent FSA ID information. It is IMPORTANT to keep up with this information. You will need it each year to complete your FAFSA.)



STEP 2 - FAFSA's official website (Use this website to complete and submit your FAFSA) - 




  • Am I an Independent or Dependent Student for FAFSA? (Use this graphic to help determine if you are an independent of dependent student for FAFSA purposes)


2020-21 FAFSA Web Worksheet (Use for Fall 2020, Spring 2021, & Summer 2021) –

2021-22 FAFSA Web Worksheet (Use for Fall 2021 & Spring 2022) –

Federal Student Aid website -

Student Loans & Loan Forgiveness -

Grants -

FinAid! -

College For All Texans -

Frost Bank Educational Loan Information –

FAFSA Meeting Information: Midwestern State University FAFSA Video (Fall 2020) – 


What Happens After Submitting the FAFSA? -

Comparing Different Types of Financial Aid (English) –

Comparing Different Types of Financial Aid (Spanish) –

Paying Off Your Student Loans –