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ESSER Fund Information for Students and Families ( SlideShow )



Public info display    ESSER info for public

ESSER information for public     ESSER info for public  ESSER info for public


ESSER info for public  ESSER info for public    ESSER info for public





ESSER Meeting Sign-in Sheet 11-2-22 and ESSER Committee Meeting Minutes 11-2-22

ESSER Meeting Agenda 11-2-22



ARP ESSER III Continuity of Services Plan Outline Reviewed and updated 8-15-2022(Click here for Spanish version)

ESSER III Use of Funds Reviewed 8-15-2022 (Click here for Spanish version)

ESSER Meeting Minutes 8-15-22

ESSER Committee Meeting Agenda 8-15-22

ESSER Meeting Sign-in Sheet 8-15-22

22-23 Public Health Guidance

ESSER Committee Meeting minutes 8-15-22

Continuity of Services ESSER 8-15-22  (Click here for Spanish version)

Revised Return to School Plan 8-15-22 (Click here for Spanish)



ESSER III Program Plan

ESSER III Program Plan (Spanish)

Budget Narrative

Budget Narrative (Spanish)

ESSER III Meeting Notes and Sign in (5/12/21) (Click here for Spanish)




ESSER III Continuity of Services Plan 

ESSER Use of Funds Plan

Return to School Plan (Revised)

Return to School Plan (Spanish)

ESSER Meeting notes/sign in


  • District Translation Policy

 The plan is available in Spanish or other languages needed for this community in a written format or through oral translation. 

El plan está disponible en español u otros idiomas necesarios para esta comunidad en formato escrito o mediante traducción oral. 


The plan will be available in an accessible format for people with disabilities, upon request to Troy Parton, Superintendent of Schools; or by contacting the campus office of your child. 

El plan estará disponible en un formato accesible para personas con discapacidades, previa solicitud a Troy Parton, Superintendente de Escuelas; o poniéndose en contacto con la oficina del campus de su hijo.